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Static VAR Generators

Delta's SVG2000 is a Static Var Generator (SVG) that improves power quality. Compared to a traditional Static Var Compensator (SVC) with an LC system, Delta's SVG2000 offers many excellent features including enhanced stability, extended product lifetime, fast response, wide power range, large capacity, smooth tuning, low harmonics, stable system voltage, and many more, for greatly improved power quality.

Power quality is a major influence on power efficiency. Excellent power quality reduces energy loss and extends equipment lifetime for lower cost. In contrast, poor power quality caused by harmonics distortion, reactive power, or non-linear loads, tends to lower power reliability and utility. As many industries and applications continue to adopt a wide variety of electronic equipment to facilitate the production process, power quality distortion has become a common problem. The SVG2000offers a way to solve this critical issue by properly managing power quality.

The SVG2000'scompact design allows you to manage your installation space efficiently and the high standard color HMI provides realistic images and a vivid display. The SVG2000's excellent feature set helps to reduce energy loss, lower maintenance cost and maximize your utility.

Features & Benefits

Delta's SVG 2000 series is a current type Static Var Compensatory (SVC). It is a full-bridge structure power module designed with a choke to allow direct connection to the power grid for power quality control. Fundamentally, the SGVG2000generates output voltage to control the amplitude and phase of the output current. It absorbs or supplies the accurate amount of reactive power to the system and precisely regulates the reactive power output. The SVG2000 Series is capable of directly monitoring the AC power side of the current and it compensates the harmonic current or the surge current that occurs at impact load.

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